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After getting PR

Congratulations on getting Permanent Residency!

We are sure that you tried hard to get your PR.

We have varieties of services to offer for PR visa holders.

Just contact us anyway if you have any concerns.

We are here to support you.​​​

For your family

Do you have dependents?

If you used to have working visa and have family with "Dependent" visa, they cannot stay with current visa.

They need to apply for their visa change:

  • Spouse: change to "Spouse of a PR"

  • Child born in Japan: change to "Child of a PR"

  • Child born outside Japan: change to "Long-term"

With these visa, they have no restrictions on activities they can do in Japan.   No need to calculate working hours per week.  

If they are ready to apply for PR, they could submit PR application at the same time they submit visa change application.  In this case, they could ask the immigration to use visa change application as part of PR application.

A baby is born!

You need to apply for visa, "Child of a PR" within 30 days after birth.

We could support your application.

Let's make a contract right after his/her birth, so that we could start early.

Do you have families outside Japan?

You might want to apply for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for them, so that you could live together here in Japan.

For your business

Do you have want to start your business?

Now it is easier for you to start your business because you don't need "Business Manager" visa which is difficult to get due to many requirements imposed by the immigration.

You could establish your own company with the amount of initial capital/investment really necessary for your business start-up.  That is, you don't need to have 5 million yen or you don't have to prove where your 5 million yen came from.

Hire us to make your company!

We offer one-stop service for company establishment.

We, immigration lawyers can draft rules of incorporation (Company Teikan).  One of us has a license as a registration lawyer.  He could register your company at Legal Affairs Bureau.  

If you make a consultant contract, we will guide you for each step during the start-up phase, including introducing a tax accountant or labor lawyer, etc.

Hire us to get business permit!

Make sure you have business permit necessary for your business.

  • Kobutsu license for used-good handlers,

  • ​Restaurant license for restaurant owners, etc.

Contact us when you think about starting your business because often times you need to rent your business sites/location that will meet requirements for business permit.

Hire us to get subsidies, grants, or loans!

Applying for subsidies from the government, grants from various institutions or loan from a bank needs documents written in Japanese.  We could support you for these.

For your trip

Hire us before traveling outside Japan!

If you plan to come back to Japan within 1 year, you just get special re-entry permit at the airport upon departure.

If you expect your stay outside Japan to be longer than 1 year, get re-entry permit at the immigration in advance.  There are two types; single use and multiple use.  If you get multiple re-entry permit valid for 5 years, you could stay until your re-entry permit expires.  

Residence card renewal

Hire us for renewing your residence card!

Your visa has no visa expiry date. 

But you need to renew your visa:

  • every 7 years (between 2 months before card expiry date and card expiry date)

  • before you turn 16 (between 6 months before 16th birthday and 16th birthday)  

          * new card will have photo on the front side

And more

Contact us if you have any concerns while staying in Japan!

  • marriage

  • divorce

  • contact review

  • inheritance, etc.

Even when you are not sure we could support you or not, please contact us anyway.  We will let you know whom you should talk to if we cannot handle the matter by ourselve.

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