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Employer's obligations

Below is general information for employers (company owners and solo proprietors) regarding hiring.  

If you have any concerns, please visit Hello Work Office and get guidance.

I. Check if you can hire candiate

Make sure the candidate has permission to work from the immigration.
Check his/her residence card (both sides) and stickers on his/her passport.
If he/she has "Designated Activity" visa, you need to check Designation paper stapled on his/her passport too.
If you employ someone without permission to work, you are liable to prosecution.  And if you are a non-Japanese resident, your visa is at risk.

II. 労働保険(Rodo hoken, labor insurance)

Rodo hoken includes 2 types of insurance:
1) 労災保険 
Rousai Hoken: Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance
2) 雇用保険
Koyou Hoken: Employment Insurance

Rousai Hoken
Workers could get insurance benefit for injuries or sickness while at work or while commuting.  Rosai Hoken is applicable to all employees, full-time or part-time (arubaito).

Koyou Hoken
Workers who are out of job could get unemployment insurance benefit under certain conditions.
Employers must put their employees under Koyou Hoken if:

  • Working hours per week is 20 or more, AND

  • Workers are expected to work for 31 days or more

When you employ a worker, full-time or part-time (arubaito) for the first time, you need to join Roudou Hoken. Even for one worker.

Visit Hello Work office with necessary documents, fill out necessary information, and get registered.  You need to do this within 10 days after employment.
At the same time, put your worker under Rosai Hoken and Koyou Hoken (if applicable).  

Employers who need to join Koyou Hoken need to supply their Employment Insurance application number (11 digits) on visa application forms for working-visa holders.

III. Report to Hello Work upon hiring a non-Japanese worker

When you hire a non-Japanese worker, even part-time (arubaito) worker, you need to submit a report to Hellow Work.  There are some exceptions, but basically mandatory.  Reports must be made by the 10th of the following months of employment.
When you report, put your worker under Koyou Hoken if applicable.

You also need to report when your non-Japanese worker quits.  Reports must be made within 10 days after resignation date.

Missing these reports in time might result in paying a fine of less than 300,000 JPY.

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