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Questionnaire 質問書

Questionnaire is one of the requirements for

1) spouse visa change application

2) spouse visa COE (Certificate of Eligibility) application

3) visa acquisition application for a new-born baby

Questionnaire is a very important documents, especially for spousal visa applications

Spousal visa application

Spouel visa refers to "Spouse of a Japanese national", "Spouse of a Permanent Resident" or "Spouse of a Long-term Resident." 

The form is 8-pages long.   You could get the form in various languages.

Sample: English version

The immigration wants to see is if your relationship is real one, not an imitation marriage through this Questionnaire.  So they check questionnaire very well.  Please do not take it easy.

Fill it out very carefully.  Don't hesitate to write your love story:  when and where you met, how you started your relationship, how you developed your relationship, who proposed to get married, how the other party responded, who knows about your marriage, etc.  You need to make everything open.

 Each client has its own real love story.  We  write love stories for the Questionnaires based on the information from you. 

Many clients visited my office after his/her spouse visa application got disapproved.  The reasons of disapproval various but many of them got disapproved because he/she didn't fill out Questionnaire well enough.  We read your Questionnaire carefully and we ask additional questions until we feel confident there is no discrepancy in all your application documents.

Visa acquisition application

You need to apply for your new-born baby's visa within 30 days after birth.  

The Questionnaire for this application is a simple one, about the baby's parents.

Questionnaire form for visa acquisition

You can just fill in your basic information.

Unfortunately, the immigration has a Japanese version only.

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