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Guarantor - Mimotohoshonin

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about guarantor in various visa applications.



A guarantor should be a Japanese?  

A guarantor should be a Japanese or Permanent resident?
A guarantor should be someone in my family?
A guarantor should be someone who is staying near my 

  • All answer for the questions above is ‘No’ for changing visa status or extension applications.  

  • For PR application, you need a guarantor who is either Japanese or PR.

  • For spouse visa application including long term visa with a spouse who has long term, a guarantor should be your spouse.

  • Guarantor can be your friend, colleague or acquaintance. It is not necessarily your family member.

  • Your guarantor can be someone who is staying in Japan. But if your spouse is temporarily staying overseas, he/she can be your guarantor with some explanation.

  • 3 year visa holder can be a guarantor for visa extension application.


I am a child of Japanese. Do I need my father to be my guarantor always?

I have long term visa and have been staying in Japan for long. Do I need a guarantor for my
extension application?

  • For both questions, the answer is ‘no’.

  • When you get a visa as a child of Japanese or long term visa for the first time or COE application, you need a guarantor. But it should not be your father for the question 1.

  •  If your residing situation is stable enough, you could apply extension without a guarantor. Actually, one of my clients who has 1 year long term visa could get 3 year visa without a guarantor a month ago.

Can my company be my guarantor?

  • No. Guarantor should be an individual.  A company cannot be your guarantor.


A guarantor should prepare employment certificate and tax documents, always?

  • No. For spouse visa holder, your spouse can be/needs to be your guarantor even if he/she
    doesn’t work. And if your working situation is steady enough, only a guarantor letter is ok for
    most applications.


Can I apply PR without a guarantor?

  • No. Currently you need a guarantor for PR application. And only Japanese or PR holder can
    be a guarantor for PR application.

  • Requirements from a guarantor changed a few years ago. Only ID like residence card, driving license, my number card or so is required.


Can you be my guarantor or can you find a guarantor for me?

  • Unfortunately, no I cannot. Preferably, a guarantor should be someone whom you know

  • There is some company that provides you a guarantor with money. It is not illegal business. I have asked Immigration once if you accept such a guarantor. The officer’s answer is it is acceptable. They don’t examine the relation between an applicant and a guarantor. 

  • However, we think your guarantor should be someone whom you know personally. And I think requesting money for being a guarantor is not be ethically right.

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