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Guide to incorporation of LLC
(Godo kaisha, Godo gaisha)

We, Gyoseishoshi can assist you with making your company.  BEYOND has a lawyer with registration lawyer's license, so we can handle from making a company to getting a Business Manager visa.


1. Decide the following

Create a very clear business plan before starting the procedure.  

Note that just establishing a company does not guarantee getting business manager visa.  

合同会社設立 1.jpg

2. Prepare

  •  Company hanko (one for registration and one for bank account)

  •  Seal registration certificates of partners (each partner’s private registered seal)

Company registration

Before company registration


1. Remit service fee

Remit the agreed-upon service fee to our bank accvount.

After confirming your remittance, we will start drawing up your company Teikan, Articles of incorporation.


2. Drawing up your company Teikan, Articles of incorporation

We will draw up your company Teikan based on the information you have supplied.  When finalized, we will make the electronic company Teikan.


3. Remit the stated capital

After Teikan is finalized, the stated capital must be remitted to the representative partner’s bank account (because the company does not yet have its company bank account).  

Documents called Furikomi shoumeisho which prove the stated capital has been surely remitted.  


【Prepare the following】

 a. Copy of the cover page of the representative partner’s bank book

  b. Copy of the first page of the representative partner’s bank book

  c. Copy of the page of the representative partner’s bank book which shows the remittance

  (date and amount must be printed)


If the representative partner is the only partner of the LLC, remit the total amount of the stated capital from his/her bank account A to his/her bank account B.


4. Documentation for company registration

We will prepare the necessary documents other than Teikan and Furikomi shomeisho.


5. Seal

Affix the seals of personal registered hanko and company hanko on company registration application documents.

Company registration

Our registration lawyer will submit company registration on-line.  Registration will be completed in about 1 week.  The company seal registration card and Evidence of cause of registration will be sent to you by post.

After company registration

The below chart shows what you need to do after your company is registered.  Since the procedures are complicated, it is strongly advised to hire specialized lawyers such as a tax lawyer, and a labor and insurance lawyer.  We can give you referrals to the specialized lawyers.

合同会社設立 2.jpg
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