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Visa for a baby born in Japan

You expect a baby to arrive soon?

Get ready for applying for her/his visa if you want to raise in Japan.

Register birth at city/ward offices

You will get a registration form at the hospital.  
The doctor fills out the right part, which is a birth certificate.
Fill out the left part, bring it to city/ward office and register within 14 days after birth.
Either mother or father can report the birth.  
Bring your residence card, passport and Boshitecho, and if available your marriage certificate.

Below is a sample from Ministry of Justice


Then, get Juminhyo (whole family with My Number omitted) with your baby and Shussho todoke juri shomeisho (出生届受理証明書 certificate of acceptance of birth report).  

You need to write your names in Katakana as well as in English alphabet.

Please make sure it is spelled correctly including spacing.


You generally need these documents to register her/his birth at your embassy too.
Contact us if you need our service for filling out the birth registration form.

Visa application
(visa acquisition application)

Once your baby is registered, apply for visa at the immigration within 30 days after birth.
You generelly need:

  • Juminhyo 

  • Shussho todoke juri shomeisho

  • Questinnaire (immigration form)

  • Letter of guarantee

  • Parent (main householder)'s residence card

  • Parent's employment certificate

  • Parent's tax documents

  • Statement for the reason the passport has not been obtained as yet (immigration form)

質問書 取得.jpg
旅券未取得 新生児.jpg

The visa status for a baby depends on your visa type.
If you are working visa holder, your baby will get "Dependent" visa.
If you have "Long-term Teijusha" visa, "Long-term."
If you are a PR visa holder, "a child of a PR", and your baby could apply for PR.  In this case, you need to start preparing documents before birth because you will need to submit more documents than normal visa acquisition application.

We offer our service for visa acquisition application for a new born.

Please contact us well in advance.

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