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Applying for Permanent Residency as  Highly Skilled Professional (HSP)

Generally, 10 years continuous stay is required for PR application.

There are several exceptions.  One of them is for HSP point holders.

There are 3 types of HSP visa:
  • HSP No.1 : those with HSP 70 or more

  • HSP No.2 : those who have been working with HSP No1 visa for 3 years or more

  • Special HSP: those with both 
    a) Master's degree or designated years working experience
    b) designated amount of income

​  Note: the length of experience and the amount of income varies

                  depending on the type of your activities

If you have HSP visa, you could apply for PR after living in Japan for shorter period than others.
Good news is that if your have HSP points 70 or more, you could take advantage of the specaial measures.   You don't have to hold HSP visa.  All you need to prove is you have enough HSP points.

Of course, you must meet all the requirements below:

  • Holding visa for 3 years or longer

  • No records of being sentenced to pay a fine 

  • No records of being sentenced to be in prison

  • Fulfilling all obligations regarding tax, pension, health insurance

  • Fulfilling all obligatins required by Immigration Laws

  • Having someone (Japanese or PR visa holder) to be your guarantor

Calculate your HSP points as of now

You could download HSP point calculation table from the immigration website.

HSP point calculation table

Those with 70 to 79 points

Calculate your HSP points 3 years ago.

If you had 70 or more 3 years ago as well, you are ready.

Those with 80 points or more

Calculate your HSP points 1 years ago.

If you had 80 or more 1 year ago as well, you are ready.

Overview of requirements

HSP 永住 まとめ.jpg


Q1. My HSP points has just reached 80 and I have been here for 2 years.  Can I apply?

A1.  No.  Your HSP points 1 year ago must be 80 or more as well.

Q2. I cannot prepare work experience certificates for required number of years.  Can I apply?

A2.  No, you need to prove your points with official certificates from your employers.


Q3. Can I include my bonus in my income?

A3. Yes.   But you cannot include allowances, such as commuting or housing.

You cannot include overtime pay in your expected income.

Q4.  Is income before tax/social insurance deductions?

A4. Yes, before tax/social insurance deductions.

Q5. Can I get PR result sooner if I apply as HSP (HSP point holder)?

A5.  Our experience says about the same for normal PR application.

Q6. Can my spouse (without enough HSP points) apply together with me?  She doesn't stayed for 10 years.

A6. The immigration says the special measures are only for HSP point holders.

But how long spouse needs to stay has not been released.

Q7.  I have more than 100 HSP points.  May I submit proof for all my points?

A7.  You could.  But we advise to submit minimum amount of documents because the more documents you submit, the more time the immigration needs for screening.

Q8. Can I declare for my work experience points for any kind of job I have done before?

A8. No, the work experience must be related to your current job responsibilities.

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